Our Story

We're a hand poured premium soy blend candle company and want to bring only the best smelling candles to reminisce on memories, make new ones, or just relax to!

Our story started with copal. Copal is a tree resin, which is extracted and dried, then burned in a copalita (a small bowl). When it burns in a copalita, it creates smoke, just like incense.

Copal is known for its calming effects and its ability to mentally uplift you. We enjoyed the scent of copal so much we sought out to find a copal candle, but we were unsucessful in finding any candle that could replicate this scent and feeling. Therefore, it became our goal to recreate this scent in a candle of our own! We call this candle "Take me to Tulum." This is a one of a kind relaxing candle that is made with real copal fragrance oil... this candle alone took ages to perfect!

The next thing you know we decided to expand our candle fragrances to include scents that bring out the beach in West Palm Beach!